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We provide a wide range of manufacturing services

Medical Devices

Bay Solutions Scotland are consistently able to provide the best quality solution by a cost effective manufacturing approach. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians can take your ideas and turn them into the products you require. Our medical device manufacturing service can span the entire supply chain from component procurement to distribution. Throughout the products life cycle, our engineering team provide an ISO 13485:2012 certified quality standard to comply with the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry. This certification is recognised around the world as the leading standard for the medical industry. Our dependable and accurate range of applications are backed up with over 20 years of manufacturing expertise and facilities which have been accredited to the highest medical requirement.


New Product Introduction

As Bay Solutions Scotland is ISO 13485:2012 certified we have a systematic approach to the NPI process.

With extensive engineering experience in prototype manufacturing, we have an adaptive approach to early stage product design and development. Our ability to work with Gerber data, assembly drawings, CAD files and quality specifications allows us to structure the prototype process, but remain responsive to modifications.

We work closely with our customers guiding their business through the critical initial stages of a new product and as our NPI process highlights improvements required this allows us to reduce the opportunity of issues further down the production process.

The aim for Bay Solutions is to provide an original idea a smooth transition to the end product by finding the solutions you need.

Mechanical Assembly

We specialise in all stages of mechanical assembly, from the procurement of components through to completion of the final product and testing. Our skilled production team are highly technical and are dedicated to providing quality products in-line with time and cost requirements.

We specialise in box build assembly from simple plastic mouldings with switches and wiring to more complex units with multiple PCB’s, wiring looms and bespoke metal casings which ensures we are your supplier of choice for your mechanical assembly requirements.

Cable Assembly

  • We can provide semi and fully-automated cutting, stripping and tinning of wires.
  • We are able to supply any type of assembly.
  • Material cutting; stripping; window/mid stripping; short length processing.
  • Wire size: AWG 30-8.
  • Strip length: 0.254 – 50.8mm.
  • Wire type: PVC; Teflon; glass wire.
  • We have automatic and semi-automatic crimping machines and a vast array of hand crimping tools.
  • We can manufacture a complete range of wiring harnesses from simple fly lead assemblies to complex wiring looms.
  • We are able to process many types of ribbon assemblies such as IDT, IDC and crimp assemblies.


Bay Solutions Scotland are committed to implementing the test requirements specified by our customers whether it be simple go-no go tests or a 100% full functional test requirement. We believe that our assembly processes provide the highest quality possible, meaning every unit or assembly that leaves our facility will be fully tested as per customer specification.

Test results are maintained as part of our “Quality  Records”  requirement within our ISO 13485:2012 certification.

If any faults occur during testing Bay Solutions have the expertise to diagnose and repair/replace defective components to ensure the customers required yields are achieved.

Supply Chain Management

We source and deliver quality-assured materials and components, using the optimum techniques for supply and demand situations. We strive to reduce material cost, having developed a network of proven and trusted suppliers, which allows us to maintain an effective supply chain.

Our Supply Chain team are determined to find our customers a supply chain which provides value but also adheres to time pressures that may occur. Here at Bay Solutions we assist our customers with a supply chain that is the most effective based on the individual situation and utilise our adaptive supply chain to provide the solution they need to excel in the competitive industry.

In a situation where a customer already has a Supply Chain in progress we at Bay Solutions are able to offer a complete inventory management system when free issued material is the customers preferred option.

We are able to procure material from UK local based suppliers but also use overseas suppliers when low cost sourcing is a requirement but ensuring that all suppliers and material remain at a high quality standard.


Backed by our ISO 13485:2012 certification, our Quality Management System ensures your product is protected throughout the production lifecycle.
We have a strong commitment to providing 100% satisfaction of our products and services to our customers.

We achieve this through our internal continuous improvement process where our workforce is dedicated to enforce a proactive approach to their daily activities. Our procedures and practises are constantly being reviewed and improved where necessary by our onsite Quality Director who has over 25 years of experience. This ensures that our high standard of product quality is consistent and maintained.

Our quality management system ensures that we exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are dedicated to providing complete traceability from supplier to dispatch.


We provide end-to-end logistics solutions to/from the UK across Europe, the US and Asia providing your business with deliveries where you need them, when you need them, the complete solution. Through partnership with trusted couriers and freight companies, we can ensure the on-time delivery of products anywhere in the world. Our warehouse size enables us to store both components and finished stock, as well as ship directly via the most efficient methods.

We offer a bespoke packaging service to ensure your products are secure and protected in transit whilst also having the desired aesthetics required to have the maximum impact on your customer.

Get in touch to organise a meeting to discuss your requirements.